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Disciple of the Land Stealth Ability - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Aug 22, 2011 - 21:32.

Miners, Botanists and Fishermen have long had the problem of aggressive monsters hanging around their points of interest. Since Disciples of the Land can not effectively fight monsters this has been a pain for all players forcing them to run away when attacked on route to a node or if they are attacked while gathering from it.

Patch 1.19 plands to address this problem with the introduction of a new stealth ability. When activated you will be able to sneak past aggressive monsters or gather near them without being attacked. The stealth abilities will only cater to monsters up to rank 50 however this should be enough for all current areas that they are needed in.

The full details are below.

"* The following feature, planned for patch 1.19, is still in development, and therefore subject to change.

Patch 1.19 will see the ability “Coeurl Step” (name tentative) implemented. Exclusive to Disciples of the Land, the ability allows players to conceal their presence from enemies. The action can be used repeatedly, and the effect will not wear off even if players engage in gathering. The stealth effect, however, comes at the cost of reduced movement speed.

* The action cannot be used in certain areas (such as city-states, dungeons, and instanced raids).
* Certain enemies are capable of piercing and even nullifying the stealth effect.

Coeurl Step

Coeurl Step comes in four levels as follows:

Coeurl Step I
Learned at level 8. Renders you undetectable by enemies level 20 and below.

Coeurl Step II
Learned at level 18. Renders you undetectable by enemies level 30 and below.

Coeurl Step III
Learned at level 28. Renders you undetectable by enemies level 40 and below.

Coeurl Step IV
Learned at level 38. Renders you undetectable by enemies level 50 and below.
Once executed, the stealth effect will remain indefinitely.
However, the effect will wear off if you reuse the action, incur enmity, enter certain areas, or change classes.
Movement speed will be reduced to walking speed.
The action cannot be used while incurring enmity, nor while on chocoback.
The action is not subjected to a recast time.
The stealth effect nullifies any effects present that grant increased movement speed."

Source: The Lodestone

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