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Gauss Barrel - Machinist (MCH)

The Gauss Barrel action is earned by the Machinist job at level 0.

It has a cast of 0 seconds, a recast of 10 seconds, an MP cost of 0 and a TP cost of 0.

FFXIV - Machinist - Gauss Barrel Gauss Barrel 0
Cast 0
Recast 10
MP 0
TP 0
Range 0 yalms
Radius 0 yalms
Requires MCH
Description Equips your current firearm with a gauss barrel, increasing damage dealt by 5%. While barrel is equipped, your weapon's Heat Gauge will increase each time a weaponskill is executed. When the Heat Gauge reaches 100%, your weapon will become Overheated and damage dealt will be increased by 10%.
Duration: 10s
Gauss Barrel effect ends automatically once weapon is no longer Overheated and cannot be applied again for 10s.

※Action changes to Stun Gun when executed while a Gauss Barrel is attached.