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Ramuh Extreme

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Ramuh Extreme is a primal that was added in patch 2.3 and rewards an ilevel 100 weapon along with an i110 ring. The primal becomes available upon completion of the story quest "Brave New Companions" and completing the Leviathan Extreme and Thornmarch Extreme primal fights. The quest for Ramuh extreme is called "Judgement Bolts and Lightning", which is given by Scarlet in New Gridania (X:9 Y:11). The fight has a minimum ilevel requirement of 85 but it is recommended to be a bit higher than this to make things smoother.

If you have not beaten it before then it is recommended to read and understand this guide and then join some learning parties via PF or DF. You are unlikely to win in these groups but it will get you familiar with the mechanics of the fight and give you the confidence to join more experienced parties that will get you that important win.

Party Setup

The standard party setup of two tanks, two healers and four damage dealers is the most common way to do this fight however there is a strategy involving three healers and one tank which you may also encounter. This guide will assume you are using two tanks and not go into the alternative strategy.

You should begin the fight by numbering five people who are not tanks. If you have a BLM then they should be #1 so that they do not have to move much, while BRDs and SMNs should be #4 or 5 as they can run without losing a lot of DPS. Why this is important is explained later. You should also place a ground waymark below Ramuh but not close to him. Again this is explained later.


Shock Strike

This is a highly damaging AoE attack on the tanks which will kill either who are not under the effect of Surge Protection. Surge Protection is gained from eating Orbs that spawn on the ground after Thunderstorm and three of them are required to gain the effect of Surge Protection. The tank with Surge Protection must take control of Ramuh before Shock Strike.


When a player picks up three orbs they will be protected from Ramuh's Shock Strike attack as mentioned earlier. However should they pick up more than three this player will suffer reduced healing up to a max of three extra stacks. This forces the group to share Orbs between the tank and the rest of the group. The tank should call out whether by macro or voice chat when it is time for the group to clear the remaining Orbs. In phase 3 the group Orbs will be mostly for the Rolling Thunder mechanic.


This will place a ring of thunder around random targets and after a few seconds this will disappear and deal damage to the player targeted with Thunderstorm as well as anyone caught in it. The key is to not overlap with other players who are targeted and to keep out of the water because getting hit with Thunderstorm while in water will increase the damage you take significantly.

Thunderstorm will also target ground areas rather than just players, and after these disappear they will leave orbs. The number of orbs on the ground will also increase the damage.

Chaotic Strike

This mechanic will place a crosshair style marker on two players before stunning them. When stunned the player cannot control their character and they will begin to walk towards Ramuh. This happens right in time for Ramuh to use an AoE circle around himself that will kill stunned players.

To deal with this mechanic the players with the crosshair should immediately run to the ground marker you placed below Ramuh. In the next round of Thunderstorm the player with the lowest mark number should place their circle around the stunned players to free them. This is not always the #1 because that player may not have been targeted with Thunderstorm so it requires all players to be watching who has Thunderstorm and move if need be.

Rolling Thunder

The other main mechanic in this fight is called Rolling Thunder. This places a tether between two players other than the main tank. While tethered the player should avoid DPSing or healing (unless in emergency) as each action they take will hit them with damage.

To remove the tether one of the players must eat three orbs. It is important that both tethered players do not run around eating orbs as you will soon run out of orbs. This is where your 1-5 numbered marks come into play again. This time the highest number of the two tethered targets should collect the orbs.

Judgement Bolt

This is Ramuh's special move and it is a simple case of clearing phase 2 adds before Ramuh uses the attack because if any are alive Judgement Bolt will wipe the group.


Ramuh Extreme has three phases, with phase two being an add phase DPS check.

Phase 1

This is an introduction to all of the mechanics within the fight except for Rolling Thunder. You will learn Orb management, you will learn how to deal with Chaotic Strike and you will learn how to deal with Thunderstorm. The tanks will learn how tank swapping works in the fight. Perfecting this phase will put you in a good position for phase 3.

This phase will last until 64%.

Phase 2

Six Grey Arbiter adds will spawn and must be killed before Ramuh uses Judgement Bolt. The adds will deal weak damage but don't worry about this as it will not trouble the healers too much.

All of the mechanics from phase 1 will be taking place while you kill these and the important thing to remember is that you will deal more damage when alive than when you are dead. The point is to not forget about dealing with the mechanics because while the phase is a DPS check this is more important than pushing out a little extra damage and risking death.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is the same as phase 1 except with the addition of the Rolling Thunder mechanic mentioned earlier. This makes orb management more important as you do not want to be in a situation where there is not enough orbs to deal with this mechanic or for the off tank to pick up. This is the leading cause of wipes in this fight.

There is an enrage timer on the fight however it is not something you have to worry about providing people stay alive as it is quite lenient.


Upon completion of the Ramuh (Extreme) battle you will be given a chest with one of the following rings:

Items () Class Level Item Level Stats
Judgment Ring of Aiming All Classes 50110 Dexterity: +18, Critical Hit Rate: +19, Skill Speed: +13
Judgment Ring of Casting All Classes 50110 Intelligence: +18, Critical Hit Rate: +19, Determination: +9
Judgment Ring of Fending All Classes 50110 Vitality: +21, Accuracy: +13, Critical Hit Rate: +19
Judgment Ring of Healing All Classes 50110 Mind: +18, Accuracy: +4, Critical Hit Rate: +13,

Determination: +13
Judgment Ring of Slaying All Classes 50110 Strength: +18, Critical Hit Rate: +19, Determination: +9

You will also be given one of the following ilevel 100 weapons.

Items () Class Level DMG Auto-Attack Delay DPS
Adjudicator's Gavel CNJ WHM 50 72 54.88 3.36 21.43
Adjudicator's Staff THM BLM 50 72 52.26 3.20 22.5
Ona Ramuhda ACN SMN 50 72 48.34 2.96 24.32
The Law of Levin SCH 50 72 48.34 2.96 24.32
Thunderbolt LNC DRG 50 49 45.73 2.80 17.5
Thundercrack PGL MNK 50 49 41.81 2.56 19.14
Thunderdart ARC BRD 50 44 41.06 2.80 15.71
Thundersparks ROG NIN 50 49 39.20 2.40 20.42
Thunderstorm MRD WAR 50 49 53.57 3.28 14.94
Thunderstrike GLA PLD 50 49 31.36 1.92 25.52

A guide by Xenor Vernix of Ragnarok server.

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Partygamer [Anon]
Sep 22, 2014 - 12:16:34 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

It took me a lot of effort and time to beat this one but this guide and this video were really helpful for my party to know and remember what to do.
Jae Star [Anon]
Aug 28, 2014 - 20:57:00 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

isn't there a shield for tanks?

wat [Anon]
Aug 04, 2014 - 22:26:36 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

Item link for Thunderstrike doesn't work.