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Titan (Extreme)

Titan (Extreme) Guide, Loot

Titan (Extreme) was added in patch 2.1 of the A Realm Reborn expansion.

Titan (Extreme) becomes available at level 50 as part of the "Quake Me Up Before You O'Ghomoro" quest, which is given by Urianger - The Waking Sands (X:6, Y:5).

The trial has a minimum ilevel of 67 to enter and rewards you with:

Allagan Tomestone of Poetics: 20


Titan Extreme is the second of three primals you will encounter for your quest to gain an ilevel 90 weapon. It will also drop ilevel 90 earrings so the fight is highly rewarding. The primal becomes available upon completion of the Garuda quest Gale-force Warning in which you fought and defeated Garuda Extreme. The quest for Titan extreme is called Quake Me Up Before You O'Ghomoro and will first send you off to retune with the Aetheryte crystal in O'Ghomoro Mines. This unlocks the fight and allows you to form a party to take him on. The fight has a minimum ilevel requirement of 67 but it is recommended to be a bit higher than this to make things smoother.

Like with Garuda Extreme, if you have not done the fight before then you may want to try a few runs in the Duty Finder followed by some learning parties in the Party Finder. You won't win in these groups but it will get you familiar with the mechanics of the fight and give you the confidence to join more experienced parties that will get you that important win.

Connection Check

I shouldn't have to put this in a guide but since the fight is all about movement and dodging attacks that will kill you or even knock you out the fight it is important to have the best chance at dodging attacks. Some people will fail not because they are bad players but because they are seeing Titan's moves later than everyone else. Some refer to this as lag.

The main causes of lag are your connection to the server and your graphical settings. Your ISP may be filtering traffic in a bad way causing packet loss, which can lead to you seeing attacks such as Weight of the Land late and thus not being able to escape it in time. You can improve on this by using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) such as WTFast and Battleping to re-route your connection.

Another cause for seeing moves late is your graphical settings. If your frame rate is around 30 FPS this is quite low. Aim to reduce your graphical settings to get this in the 50s or as close to 60 as possible.

Party Setup

It is recommended to do this primal with the standard party setup of two tanks, two healers and four damage dealers. for more advanced players it is possible to do strategies involving five or six damage dealers but this guide will assume you are using a standard setup. It helps if one of your healers is a WHM as they are better at big AoE cures than SCH and it will help you through Tumults and jumps. I also recommend taking a BLM or SMN so that you have access to the caster limit break. BLMs have to be especially skilled to put out high DPS since the fight involves a lot of movement and moving interrupts their casting.

Titan Extreme's Attacks

Unlike with Titan hard mode it is not important to learn the entire rotation of Titan's attacks, it is simply too much. But it does help if you learn when Weight of the Land is coming. If you are quick with your dodging you will be able to react when you see the attacks. Below is a description of what each attack does.

Rock Buster: This is a simple frontal cone attack that should only hit the tank.

Mountain Buster: Similar to Rock Buster, except higher damage. This now gives a stacking debuff that means the tank takes more damage. This means tank swapping should be done when it is safe and the main tank has more than 2 stacks.

Landslide: Titan will aim a line based attack at a random player other than the tank. The line will be a narrow column of glowing ground and you must get out of it otherwise you will be knocked off the platform via the knockback effect in later phases.

Tumult: This is a stomp attack which deals a small amount of damage to everyone in the arena. The problem is he will stomp more than once. 2-3 times in phase 1 and an increasing amount in phase 2. IE every time he uses Tumult in phase 2 there will be an additional Tumult.

Geocrush: Titan jumps into the air and then lands in the arena shortly after causing a lot of damage to everyone. The damage is actually determined based on how close you are to the centre of the arena. You should move towards the edge, but not on the ring that has appeared because this chunk of the arena is about to disappear.

Weight of the Land: Often called Plumes by players because it looks like Ifrit's Radiant Plume attack, this attack is very difficult to dodge. The attack is targeted on random party members and will deal very high damage to anyone caught in the circle.

Bomb Boulders: Bombs will drop on to the arena and then proceed to explode in order of which they were dropped. You should watch which bomb drops first and then move to this location once the first bomb has exploded.

Rock Throw: This attack will target a random healer and a random DPS and trap them inside a rock called Granite Gaol. When trapped the player will not be able to move, attack or take damage (excluding Earthen Fury). Other players must destroy the rock to free the player before it explodes and kills them. Typically the DPS rock is killed first so that you are in position for Upheaval.

Upheaval: A knockback to everyone in the arena and it will knock you off the edge if you are too far away from Titan.

Granite Gaolers: Two Titan egis will spawn after heart phase that must be killed. They are part of Titan's rotation so expect to see them again.

Earthen Fury: Titan's w signature attack, you should know this from hard mode.

Preparations and Positioning

The positioning for this fight is simple. The main tank will take Titan to the north end of the arena and point him towards the edge so that only the tank gets hit by Rock Buster and Mountain Buster. Everyone else will stack right behind Titan and then move to dodge things. It is important that you are back in the stack in time for Weight of the Land.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is considered the period before Titan does his first jump. There is not a lot going on here so just DPS it down and dodge the Weight of the Land and Landslides as they come. If you are a BLM you can use Manawall and not have to move for the first two landslides since it will avoid the attack completely. The rotation is as follows:

Landslide > Weight of the Land > Mountain Buster > Tumult > Repeat

If the DPS is good you will end this phase before the second set of Weights.

Phase 2

Phase 2 introduces more mechanics such as bombs and gaols. The landslides are now in three directions but they are just as easy to avoid. The rotation is as follows:

Geocrush > Landslide > Rock Throw > Mountain Buster > Upheaval > Landslide > Tumult > Weight of the Land > Mountain Buster > Landslide > Weight of the Land > Bomb Boulders > Mountain Buster > Landslide > Rock Throw > Repeat

That looks like a lot but you only really need to remember that the first Weight of the Land is after the first Tumult and the second is after the following Landslide. The rest you can play as you see them. Over time you will learn what to expect and it will increase your DPS. output.

For the Rock Throws (gaols) the DPS that is targeted should park behind Titan while the healer should park just to the left or right of the south area. The DPS gaol is killed first followed by the healer gaol once the Upheaval has taken place. You should take care not to kill the healer by freeing him/her right before Landslide points at them. This is why parking the gaol to the left or right of directly south can be good because most of the time that will avoid the landslide pointing towards it.

The first set of Bomb Boulders will be a pattern that covers 2/3 of the arena. You must move to the safe spot to avoid them. Most groups will avoid seeing a second set of bombs by ending the phase before it gets to that point but if you do this pattern will be circle bombs.

Once this phase is over Titan will jump again for the heart phase.

Phase 3

Titan will jump and upon landing he will produce his heart. You can not attack Titan during this phase and you must defeat the heart before he jumps for Earthen Fury. If you do not then the damage will be too high to survive and the party will wipe. So yes this is a DPS check. The mechanics of the phase are much the same as phase 2, however the rotation differs. This is:

Geocrush > Weight of the Land > Rock Throw > Upheaval > Landslide > Tumult > Weight of the Land > Mountain Buster > Circle Bombs > Landslide > Tumult > Weight of the Land

After the third Weight of the Land Titan will jump regardless of whether you have defeated the heart or not. This is a fail. If your group's DPS is good then you should ideally be finishing the heart phase during the bombs or at least during the Landslide. This bit can be tricky so it is best to try defeat the heart before that Landslide.

Phase 4

Assuming you cleared the heart phase without problems you will be on to the final (and hardest) phase. The rotation is as follows:

Granite Gaolers > Mountain Buster > Bombs > Landslide > Weight of the Land > Rock Throw > Mountain Buster > Upheaval > Landslide > Mountain Buster > Tumult > Double Weight of the Land > Mountain Buster > Row Bombs > Landslide > Mountain Buster > Super Bombs > Tumult > Weight of the Land > Geocrush > Repeat

Once the party has healed up from the Earthen Fury attack people should move into their positions for the Granite Gaolers (egi adds). The ranged DPS and healers should be south and the off-tank should be ready to pick up the adds. The off-tank should then take them to the east side and hold them while the DPS kill them.

The first Landslide should be pointed towards where the ranged players are standing and then these players should move to the bomb on the left or right of it. Once the south bomb explodes they must move back and stack again in time for Weight of the Land. By the time Weight of the Land finishes the adds should be dead and the party can get back into position behind Titan.

Double Weight of the Land is the next new thing in this phase. Titan will use two consecutive Weight of the Land attacks and it is actually quite easy to dodge. You should move to the west side, then once the first one explodes you move back behind Titan.

Row bombs are the next major thing to worry about. Some patterns are harder to deal with than others. The pattern where the safe spot is along the south edge is the easiest because you can just sit it out there. But the other formations require you to bait the landslide just like you did with the bomb pattern at the start of the phase. In this case everyone should stack on the same bomb until the landslide animation appears and then move to the bomb row that will explode last. Once the first set of bombs explode you can move to this safe spot.

You should now be getting ready for super bombs. This is a DPS check so attack buffs should be saved for it and BLMs should have almost full MP and be under Astral Fire III stance in preparation. When the bombs drop you will notice there are no safe spots. The party should move to a single bomb and kill it, this is usually the bomb directly south of Titan. Titan will jump as the bombs explode so if you fail the DPS check you will be hit by two very strong AoEs and the party will wipe.

Assuming you got past this part, be ready for the landslide after Titan's jump. At this point the off-tank should be ready to pick up adds and everyone else apart from the main tank should be stacked south just like after heart phase.

The BLM in the group should use Manawall and Manaward and be ready to cast the Meteor limit break as soon as the adds are on the screen. By the time the limit break goes off the off-tank will have pulled the adds to the east. You cannot sit around waiting for that otherwise the blinding effect of the limit break will ensure some people get hit by the following landslide and bombs. If done right the Meteor effect should go off just before the landslide appears. If you are late with the limit break then the Manawall and Manaward you used will save you from dying to the bombs or getting knocked off by landslide. This is why I recommend the BLM be on Meteor duty but a SMN can perform it as well - they just can't afford to be late. The limit break will kill the adds.

The rest of the fight is just a repeat of what we've seen already but you should aim to produce as much DPS on Titan as you can as this rotation can only be repeated twice. If you reach the end of it the second time then Titan will use Earthen Fury again and wipe the party. If Titan is under 5% and you reach the Super Bombs again you should DPS Titan rather than the bomb. This is your only chance at winning at this point.

Titan (Extreme) Loot List

Below is a listing of all loot for the trial Titan (Extreme).

Items ()Stats/Compatibility/Description LeveliLvl
Crag Heart
Drawn forth from the chest of the Lord of Crags himself, this small stone pulses with uncontrollably powerful earth-aspected energies.170
Faded Copy of Under the Weight
Timeworn pages of sheet music containing the full score for the Lord of Crag's theme Under the Weight.11
Faded Copy of Under the Weight
Timeworn pages of sheet music containing the full score for the Lord of Crag's theme Under the Weight.11
Gullfaxi Whistle
This whistle emits a shrill tone that is said to summon Gullfaxi, the steed of legend.11
Nightmare Whistle
This whistle emits a shrill tone that is said to summon a legendary nightmare.11
Tremor Earrings of Aiming
All Classes
Dexterity: +13, Direct Hit Rate: +16,
Determination: +8, Vitality: +15
Chest: Titan
Tremor Earrings of Casting
All Classes
Intelligence: +13, Direct Hit Rate: +16,
Critical Hit: +11, Vitality: +14
Chest: Titan
Tremor Earrings of Fending
All Classes
Vitality: +15, Direct Hit Rate: +16,
Determination: +8, Strength: +13
Chest: Titan
Tremor Earrings of Healing
All Classes
Mind: +13, Spell Speed: +16, Piety: +8,
Vitality: +14
Chest: Titan
Tremor Earrings of Slaying
All Classes
Strength: +13, Determination: +11,
Critical Hit: +11, Vitality: +15
Chest: Titan

A guide by Xenor Vernix of Ragnarok server.