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Miqo'te - Races

During the Age of Endless Frost, as the seas turned to ice and passage over them became possible, Eorzea saw an influx of foreign fauna to her shores. This in turn brought the hunting tribes which subsisted upon them, the modern descendants of whom are today known as the Miqo'te.

Since then, the Miqo'te have diverged into two physically distinguishable groups — the diurnal Seekers of the Sun and the nocturnal Keepers of the Moon. Both groups share a superb olfactory sense and powerful leg musculature, results of a long evolution geared towards hunting and predation.

Adaptation to a hunting lifestyle has fashioned them with a keen sense of smell, powerful legs, and a tail which provides them with exceptional balance. Miqo'te are known to be very territorial, and many individuals tend to lead solitary lifestyles, particularly males. The few Miqo'te who have made the transition to life in Eorzean society are predominantly female.

Keeper of the Moon Clan

FFXIV Races - Miqo'te - Keeper of the Moon The nocturnal among the Miqo'te have dubbed themselves the Keepers of the Moon. Shying from the garish light of day, they revel in the shroud of night, with most offering their piety to Menphina the Lover, goddess of the moon.

They are distinguishable from their diurnal cousins by their darker fur, larger ears, rounder eyes, more pronounced canines, and longer, skinnier tails. The ritual application of war paint to the face is still regularly practiced, as it is believed the vivid colours grant lunar powers.

They Keepers are known for their reticent and brooding personalities, but are also respected and sometimes feared for their tenacity.

Starting Attributes: STR: 18, DEX: 21, VIT: 17, INT: 19, MND: 23, PIE: 22

Seeker of the Sun Clan

FFXIV Races - Miqo'te - Seeker of the Sun The self-proclaimed Seekers of the Sun are the diurnal clan of the Miqo'te race. Their preference for the warm light of day pervades all aspects of their culture, as is apparent in their devout reverence for Azeyma the Warden, goddess of the sun. They are perhaps known best for their striking eyes - the result of their vertically aligned pupils and faintly coloured irises. It is also not uncommon for their eyes to be disparately coloured from birth, a trait considered auspicious amongst their kind. The Seekers are widely regarded as quick-witted and prone to action, and many exhibit a tendency to bore easily.

Starting Attributes: STR: 21, DEX: 22, VIT: 20, INT: 18, MND: 19, PIE: 20


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LaFae [Anon]
Sep 01, 2013 - 21:22:50 | Location: Nowhere, In a Box

The Migo'te look like humans with cat ears and tails. At least the Mithra from XI looked a bit like cats.