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Elezen - Races

In former times, the Elezen were the sole inhabitants of Eorzea, claiming dominion over her. Traditionally a nomadic people, the tall, slender Elezen believed the realm to be theirs by divine right - a gift from the Twelve themselves. Unfortunately, this belief made the eventual appearance of the Hyur in their multitudes akin to an invasion, and a long history of conflict ensued. At present, however, the Elezen and Hyur can be seen coexisting peacefully.

Ultimately, the Elezen diverged into the two clans that exist today. The Wildwood Elezen took to the forests in their ongoing fight to protect their homeland against the encroaching Hyur, while the Duskwight Elezen withdrew to caves and subterrane, opting instead to avoid all contact with any but their own.

Wildwood Clan

FFXIV Races - Elezen - Wildwood For hundreds of years the Wildwood Elezen have lived in the relatively safety of Eorzea's lush forests. They are blessed with extremely keen eyesight - a contributing factor to their famous talent for archery. With the formation of Eorzea's governments, many Wildwood ventured forth from the forests, drawn either to the exhilarating cosmopolitanism of the cities or the simple nomadism of the plains. There is minimal dimorphism between the two genders, though males are generally considered to be milder and more chivalrous in demeanour. Among their Duskwight brethen, Wildwood Elezen are referred to as Greens, for their love of the forest.

Starting Attributes: STR: 19, DEX: 23, VIT: 18, INT: 22, MND: 17, PIE: 21

Duskwight Clan

FFXIV Races - Elezen - Duskwight The Duskwight Elezen have spent centuries in the peace and seclusion of Eorzea’s caves and caverns. They have developed an acute sense of hearing, capable of detecting the faintest of sounds. This natural gift, and the uncanny awareness it grants, has proven advantageous in the field of hand-to-hand combat. Many of the reclusive Duskwight resort to robbery and pillaging to survive, earning them the scorn of their woodland relatives.

Starting Attributes: STR: 20, DEX: 20, VIT: 19, INT: 23, MND: 20, PIE: 18