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Final Fantasy XIV News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Jul 20, 2012 - 12:25.

FFXIV News - These Grand Company Colors Dont Run!

Today we have another FFXIV article from the Lodestone for you to read. We have quoted the new info below.


Crisis approaches Eorzea in multiple forms and now more than ever the need to boost the morale of the ranks for each Grand Company grows stronger and stronger. Kinship amongst fellow Grand Company members and forming inseparable bonds with comrades are indispensible assets in the face of impending danger!

To accomplish this, adventurers are encouraged to express their patriotism for their Grand Company by designing a custom banner, which they can use to fly their flag high and raise the spirits of everyone who can see it as well as serve as a war drum to all enemies near and far!

Entry Period
July 20, 2012 through July 27, 2012 11:59PM (PDT) / July 28, 2012 6:59AM (GMT)

Entry Method
Create a custom Grand Company banner following the rules below and post the image in this thread.

The Community Team will select three grand prize winners in total, one for each Grand Company (Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, and Ul'dah). A total of 5 runners-up will also be selected.

Three Grand Prize Winners (One per Grand Company):
  • A Grand Company "care package" containing:
  • 99 Magicked Prisms (of your affiliated Grand Company)**
  • One Scroll of Sanction**
  • One Company-issue Tonic
  • One Company-issue Survival Manual II
  • One Company-issue Engineering Manual II
  • One Scarf of Wondrous Wit

  • Five Runners-Up:
  • One Scarf of Wondrous Wit
  • **Magicked Prism (Maelstrom), Magicked Prism (Twin Adder), Magicked Prism (Immortal Flames) and scroll of Sanction will be implemented in patch 1.23

    When creating your banner, please adhere to the following guidelines:
    (*Entries that do not follow the guidelines will not be accepted.)
  • Banner size must be 450 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall (450x150)
  • File type must be .JPG, .PNG, or .GIF
  • Aside from the images provided by Square Enix, you may use other FINAL FANTASY XIV-related assets such as official screenshots, concept art or your own personal screenshots
  • Personal artwork, such as fan art, will not be accepted
  • You must utilize the Grand Company sigil in the banner
  • You can only represent one Grand Company
  • The banner may not be animated
  • *Any banners containing content that is deemed inappropriate will be disqualified.

    Official Grand Company Assets

    We have provided official images to assist users in the creation of their Grand Company banner in a zip file. [Download the Official Images]

    How to Post an Image
    1. Upload your Grand Company banner entry to your Lodestone blog or other image hosting website
      *For uploading images to Lodestone, please refer to the instructions listed here to learn about the upload process.
    2. Copy the URL for the uploaded picture.
      *This can be done by opening your image of choice in your Image List and then right-clicking and selecting "Copy Image Location." This process may differ depending on the browser you are using.
    3. Finally, when posting on the forum, use the [IMG] tag and place the URL between them:
    Winners will be selected by the Community Team on or about July 30th and an announcement will be made on the forums.

    Please Note
  • One entry per player. If multiple entries are posted, only the first post will be valid. (If you run into issues adding your entry to your first post, you'll be allowed to create a second post.)
  • Posts cannot be edited while the event is ongoing.
  • The prizes for this event are all in-game items and have no monetary value.
  • "

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