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Final Fantasy XIV News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Sep 04, 2010 - 02:34.

With the open beta came the introduction of stats that are unique for each race. Like with FFXI, FFXIV will have similarly different base stats. These come in the form of higher strength for Hyur Midlanders or higher dexerity for Elezen Wildwood characters. It is unlikely these stats will have any noticeable effect on the roles of players where in FFXI it was a very good idea to be a Taru Taru if you wanted to level a mage class. This is because in FFXIV, stats reach higher number. A difference of 3 strength means less when your total strength is higher. A chart of the base starting stats for each race can be found below.

Hyur Midlander161514161316
Hyur Highlander181715131512
Elezen Wildwood141318171216
Elexen Duskwight151415181513
Lalafell Plainsfolk131317161516
Lalafell Dunesfolk121215161718
Miqo'te Seeker of the Sun161517131415
Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon131216141817
Roegadyn Sea Wolf171813121614
Roegadyn Hellsguard151612151715

New Servers

Square Enix added five new servers to the open beta today, keeping with the Final Fantasy town name theme. The new servers are as follows:

Selbina - Final Fantasy XI
Rabanastre - Final Fantasy XII
Bodhum - Final Fantasy XIII
Melmond - Final Fantasy I
Palamecia - Final Fantasy II

More will probably be added later on, keeping with the same theme. Remember, these are the same server names that will feature in the launch version on September 22nd.

Popular servers such as Wutai and Lindblum are already filling up and Square Enix has restricted characters from being created on them until further notice. This is unfortunate if you wish to join a friend on the server. Hopefully it will not be that way at launch.

Get your open beta key here.

Unofficial Role-Play Server

The Role-Play Coalition; a group of role play fans have named Besaid as the server they intend to play on. What this means is that if you like playing your character as though you are the character rather than you controlling it, you can join this server with like-minded people and have a better experience. It's also useful information for those who aren't fans of role play because you may want to avoid that server. However, the group will still be friendly towards non-RP players so you have nothing to worry about. The group has over 500 members as of writing.

Source: Role-Play Coalition

Changes to FFXIV Info

Over the coming weeks we will be making changes to the content on the website to make it more resourceful for you at launch. This weekend should see the abilities added for each race up to level 50. We will then begin to add items, weapons, armours, recipes, maps and other useful information. This will not be quick because I am the only content editor and it is a massive task.

If you're wondering what the unofficial FFXIV Info server will be, that will be announced closer to release. We may create a social linkshell if there is interest.

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