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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Aug 11, 2010 - 13:48.

Square Enix have announced via their Twitter that the application process to join the closed beta will end on August 16th and that applications to join the open beta will begin shortly after. The Tweets state that tester selection will continue past this deadline, but you will be unable to apply.

We are unsure exactly what open beta means in this context. Normally an open beta is where anyone who wants to play can download the client and play, but the Tweet mentions applying for it. Hopefully it does mean that anyone and everyone can join. We expect the NDA will be lifted when the game goes into open beta so we'll have tonnes of new information for you.

Source: Official Final Fantasy XIV Twitter

Fan Site Kit

Another piece of information that you may find interesting is that the company have released a fan site kid to help web developers, graphic designers (for forum signatures/avatars) or anything you want. The kit is 264mb in size and contains graphics for the title logo, guild symbols, flags, races and screenshots. Nothing in it is new but it's a nice collection of everything in one place. You can download it here.

GamesCom 2010

As expected, Final Fantasy XIV will be playable at GamesCom this year. We expect tonnes of new information with the game being so close to release. GamesCom begins on August 18th and we will bring any new information to you as soon as we can.

FFXIV Info Re-design

We have redesigned the website to make news and information easier for you to find. We've also changed the black background image to a Final Fantasy XIV one. There will be 24 different site logos in the new version, all displayed at random. The biggest changes you will see are on the home page. The full articles will now be displayed rather than the first couple of sentences. This version of the site will go live on the internet later today so keep checking back!

Update: The new version of FFXIV Info is now online! Let us know what you think.

We'd also like to say that the NDA appears to be partially lifted, meaning you are free to talk about your beta experiences and post screenshots. The NDA remains in place for music/audio and you are not allowed to post videos.

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