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Final Fantasy XIV News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Dec 24, 2009 - 11:41.

Square Enix have once again updated the official Final Fantasy XIV website with new information. There is information about the story, the character creation process and a lot of new screenshots have been added, which can be seen in our screenshot gallery here. The images show the different races, the landscape as well as some battles.

Character Creation

Also on the website is new information about the character creation process, which we covered recently. We found that as well as selecting a race, you can also select a clan. How clans feature in the game we don't yet know, but once we do we will keep you updated.

The Story

The story section of the website has also been updated with a short prologue story. The quote below is from the official website.

"A Realm Divided

It is nigh on ten years since the fearsome beings known as the primals first appeared in these lands. Ten years since they were summoned forth by the destructive ambition of the beast tribes. Ten years, and still those tribes, drunk on the power granted them by the primals, continue to wreak havoc upon the free peoples of Eorzea.

To the northeast, the Garlean Empire stirs, casting an ominous shadow across the realm. Seeking domination over the continent of Aldenard, the Garleans set out on a campaign of conquest, smiting all opposition with their superior technology and overwhelming military might. In a relentless drive to the south and west, they lay ruin to the once flourishing city-state of Ala Mhigo.

It is in the midst of this embattled Eorzea that a mysterious power surfaces. Known simply as the Echo, it is said cause the souls of those touched by it to resonate with others. And of this born the ability to relive their past experiences - to see and feel them as though they were one's own.

Can these seeds of the past somehow serve to sow hope for the future?

What is the origin of this eldritch power?

Is it a deific gift of righteousness? Or the deception of some sinister sorcery?

To what end has it been given?

The search for the answers to such questions falls to you. So go forth. Seek out and join your brethren. And together claim your place among legends in the annals of time."

Source: Official Final Fantasy XIV website

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