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Final Fantasy XIV News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Feb 29, 2012 - 11:27.

FFXIV News - Letter from the Producer, XXV

A new post full of FFXIV information has now been released by Square Enix. The information from the Lodestone is quoted below.

" Greetings once again fellow Eorzeans!

I would like to start off by thanking those players from around the globe who took time to participate in the debate regarding the recently released World merger details. Your feedback was extremely valuable.

As you all know, the application process for World transfer is set to begin in March, so make sure to mark your calendars!

Now, let me move on to an even hotter topic—the progress and release date of patch 1.21. While I have been posting updates on the forums, I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize for waiting so long to make an official announcement here in a producer letter.

Currently, debugging on 1.21 is in its final stages, with testing and adjustments of new content and systems coming to a conclusion.

I, myself, have been closely involved with the upcoming changes to magic casting. While differences between the current client and the 2.0 client have forced us to take a different approach to achieve the desired results, I am happy to say the new system in 1.21 should be almost identical to what will be found in 2.0.

Next up is some good news for all alchemists and culinarians who have been waiting patiently for long overdue adjustments to medicines and food—the bulk of the work is complete, and once a few minor bugs are squashed, everything will be in place.

For those of you itching for a new battle, the two instanced raids planned for 1.21 have finally moved into the last phase of testing, with every daily client update sending our QA team into fits (of joy, of course).

In addition to working on the casting changes, I have also been spending the last two weeks running a fine-toothed comb through the job this has turned out to be the biggest mountain left to scale.

Due to the sheer volume of my suggestions, the quest team has had to work extra hard to ensure everything is in order, and this has ultimately resulted in the patch release date being pushed to Friday, March 9 (barring the discovery of any critical bugs). I deeply apologize for the numerous delays 1.21 has experienced, and humbly ask that you bear with us just a little longer. To tide you all over until the release, here are some screenshots of what to expect on the new job quests:

* All content is currently under development and liable to change.
  • Paladin Quests

  • Warrior Quests

  • Monk Quests

  • Dragoon Quests

  • Bard Quests

  • White Mage Quests

  • Black Mage Quests

  • There is still much more left to do to make sure everything is ready by next Friday, so I’d best get back to the grindstone.

    I’ll talk to you all again soon! "

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