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Final Fantasy XIV News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Sep 24, 2010 - 04:27.

You don't need us to tell you that FFXIV has been released, but we hope you are all enjoying the game or waiting patiently for the standard edition next week. We have been impressed with how well Square Enix have handled this launch, without the usual server crashing and lots of maintenance that usually comes with an MMO launch.

There has been once maintenance so far however and a number of servers closed and re-opened to new sign ups due to congestion. If you can't get on the server you want, simply wait until an announcement is made. Mysidia appears to be the most populated server right now.

The release day patch fixed a number of issues, most noticeable the lag on the menus and crafting. This is something we expected but some people were less optimistic. Guildleves were changed so that they now reset every 36 hours instead of every 48 and it now takes less EXP to reach rank 10.

The latest patch fixes a number of bugs that were discovered since launch. The details of which are below.

- An issue wherein objects such as doors could not be displayed properly has been addressed.
- An issue where action bars cannot be switched under certain conditions has been addressed.
- An issue whereby the effect of “Sleep” brought by sheep monsters’ “lullaby” will not wear off when it is supposed to has been addressed.
- An issue caused when defeating Doblyn monsters by certain actions resulting in the remains not disappearing has been addressed.
- An issue where the text “(Your character’s name) was defeated by (your character’s name) ……” was displayed when defeated by damage over time effects has been addressed.
- An error caused when selecting clear while trying to mark an NPC has been addressed.
- The time of effect for the crafting ability “Preserve” was incorrect, and has been addressed.
- The craft level and necessary crystals for certain fishing hooks were incorrect, and have been fixed.
- A measure to prevent servers crashing under certain conditions has been implemented.
- Other minor issues have also been addressed.

FFXIV Info Database

We are working hard to get our database of items, recipes and guildleves online. However, due to the size of FFXIV and us wanting to play the game too this may take some time. We've decided to get the recipes done first since Square Enix provided a lot of good information on their website. After this we'll probably do the guildleves since it's the next easiest task. It will not be a speedy process, we ask that you be patient.

We are making a system where registered users can add items and recipes to our database and we will have a system in place where people can vote an item or recipe correct or incorrect. This is to help detect bad data and prevent abuse of the system. It also lowers the amount of work we have to do. If everyone works together, we can make this one of the most resourceful FFXIV websites out there.


I will be playing on the Wutai server, but unfortunately I do not have my copy of the game yet due to pre-ordering from a bad retailer (It begins with a T). If you would like to find me in-game you can send me a message on here.

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