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Final Fantasy XIV News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Mar 12, 2010 - 00:45.

We have learned some new information from Famitsu about Final Fantasy XIV concerning the battle system and how battles will be fought, as well as information about all nine of the classes that have been announced so far. The main points are below but we recommend reading the full interview translation via the link at the bottom.

The Battle System

One thing that we are pleased to hear is that you do not rest to recharge your MP in the same way you did in FFXI, but instead MP is designed to last over the course of multiple fights. This allows for the party to move from spawn points to other spawn points instead of standing in the same location and pulling a monster.

The traditional elements of Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Thunder and Water will see a return too, as well as align to two "poles" where their energy is focussed. Little is known about how this will work however. You will be able to customise your character to specialise in a certain element, such as being strong against Fire. This will make you more useful for some fights than other people playing the same class. Or if you don't want to specialise, you can distribute your strengths evenly, or however you wish.

The picture above shows a typical battle and the locations of various classes as they fight. Standing in the correct position is important for you to do the most amount of damage that you possibly can.

The Class System

Some of the information mentioned about the classes is not new, but there is a lot of new information mixed in as well.

Gladiator - This class is similar to the Warrior class of FFXI and uses a small sword and even a shield if you feel like it. It will be good at attack as well as defence.

Lancer - This class uses spears for their attacks and deal the damage from a longer range than other attacking classes. They are also capable of disrupting an enemy's movements and helping allies at the back.

Pugilist - This class uses hand-to-hand combat and will have various "stances" that can be attacking or defensive. The longer you remain in one stance, the higher your attacks will be.

Marauder - This class specialises in dishing out high quantities of damage with a great axe. They have the highest attack power of any class, but suffer in accuracy as a result.

Archer - This class will attack with a variety of different arrows, all situational depending on the attributes of what you are fighting. There are even arrows that support your allies. Their weakness is that they have low defence.

Conjour - This class specialises in magic, and which type of magic is up to you. Attack magic, defence magic and healing magic are all available to the Conjour and casting them will generate TP, unlike in FFXI. The Conjour will be able to do some powerful TP moves.

Thaumaturge - This is another magic class, one that is designed for the most powerful attacking magic spells. They will be able to cast magic that inflicts statuses upon enemies as well. Due to their area of effect being cone-shaped, they must standing closer to the enemy than the Conjour.

Blacksmith and Miner - These classes will have very limited use in battles, however it has been said that they will be given some role on the battle field, such as the Blacksmith increasing the chance of better loot or being able to inflict status effect on gold based enemies.

New Screenshots

There has also been a new batch of screenshots released, showing various scenes, monsters and character classes. Check out the screenshot gallery to see them.

Source: Zam

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