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Posted by Xenor Vernix on Jun 19, 2010 - 20:43.

We have taken 32 screenshots directly from the official E3 2010 trailer and given our analysis on what we saw. The trailer starts out with a forested area, which leads us to believe it will be from an area surrounding Gridania. Gridania is a forest city so it would make sense. A goobbue is then paraded through a town, led by chocobos. It is quite possible that this town is also Gridania as in Final Fantasy XI goobbues live in the forest, so one could expect a similar setting for them in Final Fantasy XIV. They are after all a plant based monster. Later in the trailer the creature breaks free and causes residents in the city to run.

One of the things many fans have been wanting to know is what FFXIV's moogles will look like. The trailer answers this question well, they appear similar to those in FFXI. Whether their role will be the same is yet to be determined. We're also unsure on the identity of the creature in the 11th screenshot and the fire based creature seen in the video appears to be FFXIV's equivalent of Ifrit but this is just us guessing.

The scenes of adventurers walking side by side with beastmen look like they could be from areas surrounding Ul'dah since the scenery does not fit the forested Gridania or what we've seen of Limsa Lominsa. One thing is clear however and that is we can look forward to detailed and varied landscapes during our time in Eorzea. We can also look forward to detailed creature designs that surpass what was seen in FFXI at launch. The treant looking creature is a good example of what to expect.

You can view the larger versions of all our new screenshots by clicking the images below.

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