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Whistle While You Work - Carpenter (CRP)

The Whistle While You Work crafting crafting is earned by the Carpenter class at level 55.

It has a cast of 0 seconds, a recast of 0 seconds. Carpenters use CP, which stands for Crafting Points and is similar to MP and TP.

FFXIV - Carpenter - Whistle While You Work Whistle While You Work 55
Cast 0
Recast 0
CP 36
Requires CRP
Description Specialist Action

Grants a Whistle stack of 11. One Whistle used for each step that material condition is Good or Excellent. Increases the effectiveness of certain crafting actions when the stack size is a multiple of three. Finishing Touches is used when stack size reaches 0 and effect wears off.
Finishing Touches Efficiency: 200%
Finishing Touches Success Rate: 50%