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Recipes for Gear Dyeing - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Dec 07, 2011 - 13:28.

FFXIV News - Recipes for Gear Dyeing

Today, Square Enix posted a new FFXIV article on the Lodestone. Read below for all the information, taken from the Lodestone.

  • As has been previously announced, patch 1.20 will usher in changes to dyeing. We would like to take this opportunity to release an updated list of recipes ahead of time.
    * Review the concept behind these changes.
    New: To be added in 1.20.
    Changed: To be adjusted in 1.20.
    Unchanged: Existing recipe preserved.
  • *This list is quite extensive, so we recommend using your browser's Find function (CTRL+F, etc.) to search for specific items.
  • Leatherworking
  • Armorer
  • Clothcraft
  • Goldsmithing
  • Woodworking

  • -----
    To hold a discussion and/or submit feedbacks on this topic, please use "dev1207" as a tag. "

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