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Patch 2.2 Coming on March 27th! - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Mar 13, 2014 - 12:40.

FFXIV News - Patch 2.2 Coming on March 27th!

Yoshi-p has just released his 55th letter from the producer and stated that patch 2.2 is scheduled to go live on March 27th 2014. Yoshi-p talks about the Glamour system that is coming in the patch where you can change the look of your equipment and goes on to list other features coming in the patch.

"Other features coming in patch 2.2 include master recipe books for crafters, gardening for free company estates, new hair styles, retainer ventures, big fishing, a challenge log, new mounts, and more. Disciples of War and Magic may also want to dust off their relic weapons if they aren't still using them, as an opportunity to unlock their true powers will present itself."

In terms of content that we know are coming, we can add to the list:

Binding Coil of Bahamut turns 6-9
The Lost City of Amdapor dungeon
Halatali Hard Mode dungeon
Brayflox's Longstop Hard Mode dungeon
Levathan hard and extreme mode primal
Good King Moggle Mog XII extreme mode

Expect some surprises too.

Now that the patch is only two weeks away we will be preparing the site for these changes and updating things much faster than we did for 2.1. 2.1 was launched at a bad time for us, however this patch is in a quiet time.

Source: Live Letter XV

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