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FFXIV: ARR at E3 - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Jun 13, 2014 - 16:47.


Square Enix was at E3 this week and made a number of announcements regarding FFXIV: ARR. They held a live letter from the producer in English on Tuesday, where the class Rogue and its job Ninja was announced. On Thursday we had the Japanese live letter from the producer, which focused on patch 2.3. Patch 2.3 will be released on Tuesday, July 8th 2014. Below highlights a summary of the new information we've picked up around the internet.

In the English live letter we learned that:

Hug and slap emotes will be added.
Desynthesis will be added for crafters in patch 2.3.
Frontlines PVP will be added in an area near the Carteneau Plains in Mor Dhona.
Rogue class and Ninja job will be added in patch 2.4.
A brutal mode of Coil will be added. This has the same drops and lockout as normal Coil but is for the best of the best players. The reward is a title.
Private rooms in FC housing will be implemented in patch 2.3.
Private housing will be implemented in patch 2.38.
FC housing will have a building area in the basement where players can create airships.
Shiva, as well as Ramuh will play a role in the 2.3 story, however only Ramuh will be available for battles. Shiva in 2.4.
Roaming primals that FCs can capture and summon are still coming.
Marriage system has become an "eternal bonding ceremony" and this allows players to marry regardless of gender or race.
Novus weapons will be upgraded further and include special effects.
Queuing for duty finder with your chocobo out will be possible in the future.

In the Japanese live letter regarding patch 2.3 we learned that:

Frontline PVP will be easy to get into and will be a 24 vs 24 vs 24 battle that lasts 30 minutes.
You will be able to change your class or job at outposts within the Frontlines area.
The rewards will be the same as Wolves' Den with the addition of war mounts and Soldiery tomestones.
Monsters will appear in Frontlines but have minimal effect on the battle.

Crystal Tower:
The raid will be about as difficult as Labyrinth of the Ancients when it was released.
A weekly loot lockout will apply, just like the previous one.
The item level requirement has not been decided yet.
The loot will be ilevel 100 armour rather. No accessories and weapons.
The drop rate for the Unidentified Allagan Tomestone and Sands of Time will be 30%.
Pre-made alliances have been delayed until patch 2.35 due to Duty Finder changes caused by Frontlines.
Parties will not split up and accomplish separate goals, they will climb the tower together.

Hildibrand Story:
Gilgamesh will not make an appearance in the next Hildibrand quest line.
There will be a fun and exciting battle in the next Hildibrand update.
There will be a side story quest revolving around the delivery moogles.
They may add quests involving his mother depending on demand. His father may also return.

Chocobo raising system will be related to your companion chocobo.
Chocobos will be raised within a stable in the FC garden.
With chocobo raising you will be able to go beyond rank 10 and gain more skill points.
You can't raise a chocobo unless you have a house.
You can only raise one chocobo for now. You can raise more when the Gold Saucer is added.

The side of the FC house has no effect on the size of your private room.
The number if items you can place in your private room won't be shared with the total for the FC house.
You will be able to place the same furniture within your room as the FC house, excluding outdoor furnishings.
The private rooms will be slightly larger than one floor of a small house.
You can craft inside your private room.
Private rooms can be bought for 300,000 gil.
The entrance to private rooms will be from a door on the first floor of the FC house.
Private rooms will have a window.
You will not be able to leave your FC if you do not remove your private room. (We're unsure what happens if you are kicked)

Rogue and Ninja were used by Yugiri and Thancred in the 2.2 main scenario quests.
Other Final Fantasy series characters will make guest appearances in the future.
An artbook/lore collection will be released at some point.
They may give us more freedom with allocating attribute points in the future.
Ixali beat tribe quests will be added in 2.35, with a focus on crafting.
High level accessory recipes will be added in patch 2.3 (higher than i70)

Fan Festival Dates and Locations were announced:
Las Vegas, Nevada - Rio Hotel & Casino
October 18-19, 2014

London, United Kingdom - Tobacco Dock
October 25, 2014

Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo Big Sight
December 20-21, 2014

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