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Dev Blog: Like Hell and...OH, HI LIGHTNING - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Jul 05, 2013 - 04:33.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Like Hell and...OH, HI LIGHTNING

Today, Square Enix posted a new FFXIV: ARR article on the dev blog. Read below for all the information, taken from the Lodestone.


Hello everyone.
Fernehalwes with another update from the Japan Expo.

It seems like only yesterday when at a certain game show (let's call it E3), a certain producer (let's call him Yoshinori Kitase) from a certain game (let's call it Lightning Returns: FINAL FANTASY XIII) burst into a certain Letter Live (let's call it a Producer Letter Live) to 'ask permission' to use Miqo'te gear in his game. It also seems like only yesterday when Yoshida-san promised he'd think about adding something from Lightning Returns to FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Well...if the latest Japan Expo stage presentation is anything to go off of, the ARR development team has been hard at work:

▼The Empire can only be defeated with silent stare!

▼Hempen this. Oaken that. What Eorzea needs is more pizzazz!

▼Unwitty comments aside...I have to admit, that's freaking ADORABLE.

▼Lightning never strikes twice? Poor Snow...



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