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A Guide to Eorzea - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Jun 23, 2013 - 20:55.

FFXIV News - A Guide to Eorzea

Today we completed the FFXIV: ARR version of our materia and crafting guides as a lot has changed regarding both of those systems. The materia section as a whole has been updated too since Square Enix removed a lot of materia that was present in 1.0 as well as removing the slot restrictions. As a result we cut the number of materia pages down from 6 to 4 as it's pointless having pages dedicated to just one materia.

The Crafting category has been temporarily removed from the nav bar until we are able to get the FFXIV: ARR recipes online. This is proving difficult right now as there are almost 1200 recipes and typing them up manually would take a lot of time. The in-game crafting log makes any external recipe listing redundant anyway so we feel that time could be better spent improving the rest of the site for now.

The crafting guide we made today is found under the Content category.
The materia guide is where you would expect it.

We also added 116 new screenshots, mostly from the La Noscea region but there are some from Thanalan and Shroud too as well as a few extras. You can browse them via our screenshot gallery or check our updated map pages, we added them there to the relevant maps. Upper and Outer La Noscea are simply beautiful.

Yesterday we added all of the job specific abilities and their descriptions.

Finally the website is starting to look like something I am happy with moving into FFXIV: ARR. There is still work to be done but we feel the most important content has been updated. Our members section needs a lot of work too, to give people more of a reason to use it. It has been neglected a bit in recent years.

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