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Materia: A Matter of Mystery - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Aug 27, 2011 - 00:45.

Square Enix have finally revealed the details of their much talked about materia crafting system and it is shaping up to be interesting. This will allow players to customise their equipment in many different ways while providing a way of removing items from a game which has many worthless items due to over supply. The full details are below.

Living in a Materia World

Melded to gear, materia is said to imbue the bearer with enhanced powers, ranging from herculean strength to imperviousness to torrid flames. It takes not a scholar to see that the advent of materia will change our way of life—even how we wage war.

Yet whence came these stones of such power and versatility? The answer will at once shock and amaze: materia is born of trusty old equipment that has seen better days.

Without further ado, let us examine the origins and uses of materia, that the shroud of mystery surrounding it might be lifted.

FFXIV - Materia Crafting

The Origin of Materia

That the revolutionary technique for the creation and application of materia was brought to Eorzea by the goblin geomancer Mutamix Bubblypots is a well known fact. The truth behind the origin of the stones, however, remains the subject of heated debate. Some believe that materia is advanced military technology painstakingly appropriated from Garlemald, while others speculate that it was born of Near Eastern wisdom that had long slumbered within the ancient tomes of the Great Library.

Though the origin theories are many, all are agreed that, at some point in time, a fraternity of goblin scholars calling themselves the Illuminati acquired the secrets of materia. Governed by a code of secrecy, the coterie jealously guarded the knowledge. However, they were ultimately betrayed by one among their own—aye, Mutamix. Resolving that materia should be allowed to benefit all folk rather than remain the curio of a select few, Mutamix proceeded to propagate the secrets of the craft to adventurers. And so it was that the age of materia dawned over Eorzea.

The Makings of Materia

The production of materia requires an apparatus known as a materia assimilator, which adventurers can use to transform to materia equipment with which they have achieved full spiritbond—the measure of an object’s aetheric alignment with a person. The assimilator works by reducing gear to its aetheric state, which it then crystallizes into a substance not unlike a gemstone in appearance. Thus is materia created.

As might be expected, different items produce materia of varying properties. For instance, the gladius, a tool of war, houses the dual aetheric energies of a slashing weapon and its wielder's desire for victory; from it materia that grants enhanced vision can be created.

FFXIV - Materia Crafting

* The same gear does not necessary convert into the same materia. Although certain trends may be observed in the transformation, adventurers can expect materia of varying types and potency to be created from the same item.

FFXIV - Materia Crafting

Materia comes in four degrees of potency, indicated via numerals (I-IV).

Sample Materia
Intelligence: Increases intelligence
Ironman’s Will: Increases strength and vitality
Fire: Increases the power of fire-based attacks
Sagacious Aim: Increases magic critical hit rate

Enhancing Gear with Materia

Materia can be attached to equipment, thus strengthening it, by using an apparatus called a materia melder. For instance, attaching a heavens’ eye materia to an iron spatha will imbue the latter with a bonus accuracy attribute. The melding process requires the use of a compatible catalyst item.

FFXIV - Materia Crafting

* In order to attach materia to a certain piece of equipment, Disciples of the Hand must fulfill the class and level requirements for crafting it.
* Catalyst items are obtainable through gathering only.
* It is possible to have equipment purged of materia by paying a fee in gil to certain NPCs. Be warned, however, that any purged materia will permanently be lost.

The Dark Side...

Much remains unknown about materia and its full potential. There are dark whispers, however, that tell of a forbidden branch of the craft that leads to power beyond imagining…but only at great cost.

Source: The Lodestone

More information was also posted on the materia crafting system at the link below:

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