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Letter from the Producer, XVII - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Sep 01, 2011 - 23:42.

The seventeenth letter is now available for your reading. This one is mainly about changes that will be made from patch 1.20 onwards but there is a bit information about the airships too. It appears that they will be instant travel from city to city with a cutscene for arrival and departure. The full letter can be read below:

"Hello everyone! Yoshi-P here with another post for all you FFXIV-ers. Hot one day, cold the next. The weather’s been getting kinda funky on the cusp of the seasons here. Hope you’re all managing to stay in good health while enjoying your time in Eorzea.

We’re firing on all cylinders heading into the next patch, and there’s been some late nights and weekends spent here at the office. The encouragement we’ve been receiving on the forums has us doing everything we can to get things done.

Lemme start things off with a screenshot of one of the new airships taking to the skies come 1.19.

FFXIV airship - Gridania

Looks like that one’s about to whisk some players off into the Gridanian twilight. Nice.

Sorry for the long wait, but they’re finally coming to Eorzea in 1.19, together with chocobo mounts, to help make traveling around the realm more enjoyable. Ride a “horsebird” to get wherever you need to go by land, or book passage on an airship to fly the quickest routes between Ul’dah, Gridania, and Limsa. Airship voyages themselves will take only mere seconds, though there will be sweet little cutscenes accompanying departures and arrivals.

Aaand now on to the update list. Changes coming in 1.19 have been detailed on the Lodestone in some Topics and forum posts, so as I mentioned last letter, this is just a list of changes slated for 1.20 and beyond. There’s a couple healthy-sized ones among them, so I’m looking to update the list again with a more detailed breakdown of those sometime after 1.19 goes live. Without further ado..."

[[Table of 1.20+ changes.]]

Please visit the source for the table of changes.

Source: The Lodestone

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