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Letter from the Producer Live Part X (Patch 2.1 Info) - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Nov 23, 2013 - 12:52.

FFXIV News - Letter from the Producer Live Part X (Patch 2.1 Info)

Yesterday saw the tenth live letter from the producer, and with it a lot of information on patch 2.1. The patch was announced to be released on December 17th 2013, just in time for Christmas! The patch features new dungeons, primal extreme battles, the Crystal Tower, job balancing changes, duty finder updates and more. The highlights from the live letter are below.

Job Changes

  • Recast times for some Dragoon and Lancer skills will be adjusted (they didn't say which).
  • The time in which movement is locked after jumping will be reduced, making it easier to dodge.
  • Improvements will also be made to where the player lands after a jump.
  • Overall the job will be receiving a DPS boost of around 10%.

  • The buff effect of Greased Lightning will be increased.
  • An increase to the bonus damage from attacks from behind.

  • Changes to cross class actions that can be set. This is most likely going to be a nerf as SE feel Bard is too strong. But they have yet to say what.

Black Mage:
  • Bug fix on being able to cast Flare twice in a row. Most likely referring to how your MP sometimes ticks as a spell goes off. (Ever cast Fire III when under Umbral Ice and had full MP afterwards?)

Warrior:: (These were announced just before the live letter)
  • There are a lot of changes to both Marauder and Warrior skills, reducing TP cost or recast time as well as buffing the job's defence. There are too many changes to list here, so check out the full forum post on the changes here


Pharos Sirius
  • Pharos Sirius will be added. This is a new level 50 dungeon for groups of 4. It will drop ilevel 60 gear.
  • The dungeon is in La Noscea and appears to be the building that has the piece of Dalamud going through it. The dungeon is related to the Isles of Umbra part of the main story.
  • The requirement to enter will be AF gear (so ilevel 50).
  • The boss of Pharos Sirius will be iconic FF.
  • There will be gimmicks in the dungeon that are new.

Hard Mode Dungeons
  • Copperbell Mines and Haukke Manor will receice hard modes.
  • The differences in hard mode will include atmospheric changes, partial route changes, boss changes, and mechanic changes.
  • There will be some story tied to the hard mode dungeons.
  • Hard mode dungeons will drop ilevel 60 gear and reward tomestones.
  • Housing related items that can only be obtained in them will be added.
  • The benefits of hard mode dungeons is to expand your options for obtaining Allagan tomestones.

Crystal Tower

  • The item level required to enter the Crystal Tower will be 55.
  • Crystal Tower rewards will be need/greed between the party of 8 rather than the full 24. (If you don't know already the raid works with each party of 8 taking a different path.)
  • The three parties can sometimes assist each other but not always.
  • Crystal Tower rewards will be item level 80.
  • Unfortunately you will not be able to form your own alliance, you can only enter with 8 and get 16 randoms.
  • Progress will not be recorded so unlike the Binding Coil of Bahamut you can repeat it as much as you like.
  • There will be a party and alliance chat channel.
  • Tomestones of Philosophy and Mythology can be obtained as rewards.
  • The Playstation 3 version will have no problems with the alliance UI display.

Extreme Primals

  • The item level required to fight extreme primals will be 70.
  • You can fight these after defeating Titan hard mode; they are the next step in the main story.
  • The fights will be so hard recovering from a bad mistake may be impossible.
  • When you clear Ifrit, Garuda and Titan extreme you will be rewarded with an ilevel 90 weapon.
  • The fights will be available in the duty finder. (good luck :P)

Other Battle Content

  • The Good King Moggle Mog XII fight will be a little bit more difficult than Garuda hard mode.
  • The Moogle fight will drop ilevel 80 weapons. We find this odd since Titan hard mode will be harder and drops weaker weapons.
  • The music from the fight will be the same as it was in 1.0.
  • Allagan weapons will be increased to ilevel 95. There is confusion as to whether this applies to gear too.
  • A hard mode Ultima Weapon fight will be added.

Duty Finder

  • There will be limitations on the duty finder kick feature (to prevent griefing). You can only use it if you enter solo.
  • The party recruitment system will change, making it easy to tailor runs to your objectives. This most likely refers to the current conflicts of some players wanting a speed run while some players want a normal or story run.
  • The MVP system has become MIP (Most Impressive Player). It's a way to thank nice players.
  • The Duty Roulette can only be used solo (This is a feature that gives you a bonus for choosing a dungeon at random).
  • For the Duty Roulette content will be grouped into low level dungeons (Aurum Vale and below), high level dungeons (Wanderer's Palace, Amdapor Keep, Pharos Sirius, Copperbell Mines Hard and Haukke Manor Hard), hard mode primals and story dungeons (Castrum and Praetorium)
  • Chimera and Hydra fights will some day be added to the duty finder but not for 2.1.
  • An Arcanist under 30 will still not be able to queue up as a healer, but this will be changed in the future.


  • For end-game content the character's position will be checked more frequently, giving faster response times.
  • Changing your hair style in the beauty salon will cost 2000 gil. There are no limitations on using this.
  • Hair colour, eyebrows, face paint and colour, facial hair, facial features and tattoos can all be modified.
  • The Phial of Fantasia will become an optional service in the future.
  • The drop rates for furnishing items receiving in hard primal battles will be increased. New ones will drop from extreme battles.

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