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Dev Blog: Streets Paved with MGP - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on May 24, 2016 - 22:56.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Streets Paved with MGP

A new FFXIV: Heavensward post has appeared on the dev blog. The new information is quoted below.


Greetings, everyone!

Camate here to present a golden opportunity to make it big in the Gold Saucer!
A new seasonal event, The Make it Rain Campaign, is about to kick off this weekend, and the time has come to realize your dreams of becoming a profitable gambler like Setzer!

Now that I have your curiosity about the event, allow me to grab your attention by showing off the rewards and giving you a glimpse at the event.

The Gold Saucer will be taking over the city-states and residential areas in full force, bringing with it decorations aplenty. The internal DJ will also be playing the Gold Saucer song on loop as well!

Inside the Gold Saucer things are going to be even more lavish to boost that festival feel!

Do you have your eyes on Gold Saucer outfits, or dream of riding on Fenrir but are a bit short on MGP? Well, during the event all attractions will reward 50% more MGP! Your fantasies can easily become a reality!

Carpe diem, everyone! Get ready to get crackin' at those attractions.
Don't forget--while Fenrir might be a hot mount, our turtle friend here is also on fire and waiting to be plucked for a ride! This is no time to be slow and steady, though. Make sure to reap the rewards of this fun event.

The 50% MGP bonus will be applied to the following attractions:

-Mini Cactpot
-Chocobo racing (Excluding challenge races.)
-Triple Triad match rewards (Including matches held outside of the Gold Saucer.)
-Triple Triad tournament reward
-Lord of Verminion tournament reward
-Challenge Log

This event isn't just about the bonus, though, and there will be a special quest line for all to enjoy as well!

I should also mention that you can stack the Jackpot III company action for a grand total of a 65% bonus!

And wait, there's more--event rewards!

Thought of a superb strategy for your raid group? Developed a great idea for a free company event? Express your moment of enlightenment with the "Eureka" emote.

The Golden Sparkler is perfect for throwing gil at people that have items you want to buy.

Last but not least, feel like a winner all the time by bringing the Senor Sabotender Trophy into your home!

Whether you are a permanent resident of the Gold Saucer, or someone that visits only as a weekend getaway, this is a perfect opportunity to earn a casket full of MGP and fun rewards!

The Gold Saucer takes over Eorzea starting Friday!
See you all there!



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