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Dev Blog: My Little Nanamo - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Feb 22, 2017 - 22:23.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: My Little Nanamo

We'd like to inform you that new FFXIV: Heavensward information was made available by Square Enix today. The details are quoted below.


Greetings, everyone!

Today we'll be shedding some light on some brand-new merchandise that will begin shipping out soon! This cute little mascot figure Seated Nanamo is available for pre-order alongside with the Baby Behemoth plush we showed previously!

The finely-detailed figure is about 3.35" (85mm) tall and has been designed so that the bottom of the figurine so the Sultana can sit elegantly and comfortably on various places such as a desk, or around your PC. Her head, arms, and legs can be adjusted for subtle posing as well!

As you can see below, from behind you can see fine details of her hair and ornaments.

It can even sit on top of plushies comfortably!

*Please note that the Baby Behemoth plush is not a Nanamo-exclusive mount.

Pre-orders for the Seated Nanamo figure are available only the Square Enix Online Store and will begin shipping soon!

But we're not done! We also have a brand-new art book coming out soon!

Set to release in early March, The Art of Ishgard -The Scars of War- is the third official FFXIV art book!


The book includes images, and illustrations of characters, fields and various ornaments introduced from Patch 3.1 through 3.5. And for the first time ever, we have included the process that the development team has undergone to making some of the background illustrations. At 320 pages, you can tell this is a tome filled with artwork to drool over!

Let's take a small peek at some of the images inside the book (be sure to click to enlarge them)!

We have new main character illustrations:

You can see the dungeon artwork, along with enemies you encounter in these dungeons. I'm sure you're all intimately familiar with these from running them so many times!


Weapons, armor, and housing-related artwork galore:

And we can't forget the Feast emblem artwork:

And here's a sneak peek of the process used in making some of the background illustrations (Japanese version shown)! There are too many things to show in a single blog post...

Compared to previous art books, we opted to make the illustrations a bit larger for your viewing pleasure.

And last, but certainly not least, we can't forget that this art book includes a bonus item code for the Wind-up Hraesvelgr minion, which fits in perfectly with the "Art of Ishgard" theme!


Additionally, the cover design of the previous art book The Art of Ishgard - Stone and Steel - is mirrored to this upcoming art book, so you can place them next each other like so:

Pre-order your copy of The Scars of War from the Square Enix Online Store!

- Bayohne


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