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Dev Blog: It's a Pose Off - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on May 12, 2017 - 02:00.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: It's a Pose Off

Today sees another dev blog update for FFXIV: Heavensward. We have quoted the new info below.


Hello, everyone!

Luxpheras here to share some news from Project Manager Iwamiya about updates planned for the Group Pose function in Stormblood! Remember, you can enlarge the screenshots posted here by clicking on the image.
Let's get started, shall we?

What is Group Pose?
"Group Pose" is the screenshot expansion function that can be used in-game. When in Group Pose mode you can change your character and camera in ways not normally possible, as well as edit images in a variety of different ways.

This screenshot was taking using Group Pose. Nothing has been done to it outside of the game! Our cute piggy-fell looks to be doing her best impression of Lyse from the Stormblood logo here.

How to use Group Pose
Enter "/grouppose" or "/gpose" into the chat bar. If you're not a fan of typing out the command every time, you can also add the icon from the Action List to your hotbar, or set up a keybind in Game Options!

Using the Camera Settings Window
For the Camera Settings Window press the following button when in Group Pose mode.
Keyboard: [R] or [Numerical Keypad: *]
Gamepad: [X (□) button]

These are the default settings for using Group Pose, but for anyone who has already changed the above buttons to something else, press the buttons in use in [Autorun] or [Subcommand].

Now that we've covered the basics, let's get into the fun stuff! Here are some of the updated Group Pose functions coming in Stormblood that Project Manager Iwamiya shared with us.

▼Additional Action Support
Any action used directly before entering Group Pose will be looped while you remain in /gpose. This will work for battle actions, limits breaks, mount actions and item actions for food or fireworks, etc. With most actions, pausing /gpose will also pause the action effects displayed at the same time!

This was probably the most highly requested feature to be added to /gpose. Thank you so much for the feedback you all provided us!

▼Additional Color Filters

You may recall that the Group Pose feature was originally developed in secret by dev. team members calling themselves the Screenshot Alliance.
In truth, the Screenshot Alliance was also responsible for various other tasks in the development of Stormblood. Because the scale of adding Action Support to Group Pose was so large, the team was supposed to stop adding any additional features after it was ready, but...

There's more!
・[Bright 4]
・[Pastel 3]
・[Colored Marker 2]
・[Monotone 1-3]
A total of six new Color Filters have been added.
"What can I say... we just can't help ourselves!" - Project Manager Iwamiya

▼Additional Screen Effects
As you can see, the Screenshot Alliance loves this feature just as much as we do. Which means...
>>More of these too!<<
・[Frosted Glass]
・[Polka Dot 2]
・[Pencil 1-2]
The above have also been added as screen effects.
Project Manager Iwamiya personally recommends the Particle effect! It's beautiful the way the lights glisten.

▼Additional Frame Patterns
Now they couldn't very well go ahead and increase the Color Filters and the Screen Effects without adding more of these, right?

Here are some of the new frames being added:
・[Instant Camera]
・[Ornamental Borders 1-2]
・[Wall Frame]
The point of these frames was to capture the flavor of the new Stormblood expansion in the traditional Japanese style.

As Stormblood approaches, the dev. team is excited to start releasing new details about 4.0.
Yoshi-P may be posting his sneaky screenshots on the Official Forums every night, but Project Manager Iwamiya wants to introduce even more on the dev. blog from now on. Keep an eye out!

One more thing!
Here are some of the screenshots taken by the QA team as they were testing:

As some of you may know, I'm a huge /gpose enthusiast. With all these new additions coming in Stormblood, I fear for the state of my Screenshot folder...

Community Team


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