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Dev Blog: Dear Dev. Diary - Part 2 - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Mar 09, 2016 - 00:45.

FFXIV News - Dev Blog: Dear Dev. Diary - Part 2

More FFXIV: Heavensward info appeared on the dev blog today. Read on for all the new details.


Greetings, everyone!

We just released the second installment of the Dev Diary series earlier today--"FINAL FANTASY XIV Dev Diary Chapter Two: Story and Lore"! In a previous blog entry, I asked everyone what they thought the next chapter would focus on. I'm wondering how many people guessed correctly.

Building an entire world from nothing is no easy task, and luckily we are graced with the blessings of the Twelve to have the talented story and lore writers, as well as the linguistically gifted localization team. Much goes on behind the scenes when it comes to creating the story and lore, and chapter two explores this immersive aspect of development.

Instead of teasing with hints or making you guess, this time around I'll just give you something to look forward to by coming out and saying that chapter three will focus on the visual design of Heavensward!

Chapter three is on the way, so keep a watchful eye on the official YouTube channel and Twitter to find out when it goes live!



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