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Battle Reform: Enmity - News

Posted by Xenor Vernix on Jul 07, 2011 - 13:44.

Along with the implemented of auto attack, Square Enix is planning major changes to the way enmity works in Final Fantasy XIV. These will make it easier for the player to know how much enmity they have accumulated over the course of the fight and allow you to better plan your attacks. This will be implemented in the 1.18 patch. The details of the enmity changes are below.

"Changes to Enmity Calculation

Enmity is the element of the game that governs the target of an enemy’s hostility. Performing certain actions increases an enemy’s enmity towards you; the enemy will attempt to attack the player or NPC who has generated the highest amount of enmity. Skillful control of enmity forms the cornerstone of effective partying.

The current method of enmity calculation has been deemed excessively complicated, rendering the employment of battle strategies problematic. This was made worse by having no way of checking the constantly changing enmity values. Patch 1.18 will see the simplification of the enmity system to one based on accumulated actions. Furthermore, a new UI element will be introduced that allows players to see their foes’ enmity levels at all times, making enmity control a far more tangible affair.

Relationship Between Actions and Enmity

Actions that generate enmity can be divided into two main categories: direct and indirect. The former refers to actions that inflict damage or enfeebling status effects upon a foe, while the latter encompasses those that heal or fortify an ally. Different actions will increase enmity to varying extents, with the strength of the delivery (such as damage dealt or HP restored) also playing a part in the calculation. Enmity will be reset for players who are KO’d or otherwise incapacitated from battle for a certain period of time.

Making Enmity Visible

In order to allow enmity control to be readily incorporated into battle strategy, an icon will be implemented which displays an enemy's enmity. This icon will appear to the left of the enemy’s HP gauge, and through a color scheme will inform players of their foe’s enmity level and behavior.

No icon - The enemy is not taking action against you.

Green, orange, or red icon - The enemy is taking action against you. Enmity level is indicated from low to high in the order of green, orange, and red, indicating a progressively greater likelihood that the enemy will target you.

Blinking red icon - You are incurring the highest level of enmity among targets engaging the enemy and are being targeted.

Improvements to the enmity system are scheduled to continue in patch 1.19 and beyond. Abilities that affect enmity will also be subject to adjustments."

Source: The Lodestone

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